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What is Another Floor?

Focus on what you love

We know you love design and we’re here to help you focus on that by letting us take care of the other stuff.

Physical growth is a slippery slope

If you take on too much work, you need to hire more people and increase your fixed overhead. If you hire more people, you need to find more work to carry those people. If there’s not enough work, you’ll need to downsize and you’ll risk damaging your office culture. You’ll also lose the investment you made in training the staff that you’ll have to let go.

Think of Another Floor as your reserve fuel tank

We’re here to fix the inelasticity of demand and supply in the interior architecture industry.



Our team is located in Poland which is from 6-8 hours behind Asia Pacific, or 6-8 hours ahead of US time zones meaning that even though we’re working while you’re sleeping, there’s still at least 4 hours available each day for us to coordinate with you.

Turning your sketches into detailed design

When you don’t have anyone available to develop up your sketches, send them over to us and our highly experienced and talented Senior Designers will do it for you.

Of course, we can then turn the detailed design into full documentation too.

Fast onboarding

We know you’re busy – otherwise you wouldn’t be talking to us – our onboarding process happens once and it’s fast.

Minimal Extra Work for you

After onboarding, each new project just needs a 1-page work order for us to get started.

No need to worry about changes in the design, or who’s to blame for what - our pricing structure is transparent and fair from start to finish.

We work with you to define quality control procedures. Once set, our team follows them religiously saving you time downstream.

How we price our services

Our pricing is transparent and we only charge for the time you use.

Most project owners demand fixed fees, so you have to price-in risk and contingency. We prefer being transparent, so our price is pure cost with a fixed declared profit. No hidden fees, no priced-in risk and no contingency.

Our Senior Designers are available by the hour, day, week or month so working with Another Floor should feel just like you’re doing the work with your own in-house team.

Finally, our resources keep meticulous time keeping and progress records, so you’ll never have any surprises.

How do we get started?

Let’s talk

Michal is your first port of call. He's located in Poland and looks after clients around the world.

Framework Agreements

We work on framework contracts. This means that we’ll spend a bit of time up front to go through terms and conditions, but once done, they’ll remain the same for all projects going forward. The advantage of this approach is that we can start on each project as soon as we’ve received a Project Order from you.

Your Workflow

Next we’ll work with you to define the workflow processes and methods you’d like

Who is Another Floor?

Michal Kozik [Co-Founder]

13 years working in architecture and interiors in Europe


  • MSc in Architecture and Urbanism (Silesian University of Technology)
  • Postgraduate degree of Project Managment and User Experience Design.
  • Lecturer of Design Management at Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland.
Marek Kozik [Co-Founder]

Managing Director and Member of a Board in interactive agency / office design grupa KMK sp. z o.o. Since 2007 engaged in IT projects, especially related to the creation of a variety of web applications (eCommerce, advanced content management systems and others) for over 100 clients now from international corporations to small businesses.

  • PhD studies at the Silesian University of Technology in the discipline of Automation (2010-2014)
  • Postgraduate studies in Project Management at the Cracow School of Business at the University of Economics in Cracow (2011-2012)
  • Automatic Control and Robotics at the Silesian University of Technology
  • Professional certifications, among others: PRINCE2, SCRUM PSM I and REQ

Where is Another Floor?

Our main office is in Katowice in Poland, but our client base includes architects and interior designers throughout Asia, the United States of America and Europe.


How do we know you’re not going to compete with us?

Design and architecture firms are our clients, so it doesn’t make any sense to compete with you to win work. The first step of the onboarding process is to sign a non-compete and non-disclosure agreement to ensure your peace of mind.

Can we try out your services without a long term commitment?

Yes of course - the very nature of what we do is to provide flexibility to our clients.

What if we want to change an Another Floor resource?

No problem at all. Just let us know who you want to change and why (so that we can mitigate issues going forward) and we’ll provide you with a new resource.